Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Going Home!?

Tomorrow I will travel home to a place I've never been.

I'm nervous.

This is it. Sure there are still some details to work out. But I'm at the point that I've been preparing for for the better half of a year.

I cannot wait to be in the arms of The Mayor and cannot wait to see Little Narch there as well. We talk about him instead of bedtime stories and she knows it's close. Her eyes lift up at the mention of his name and this makes my heart beam!

This move has been full of bittersweet moments which have reminded me that the universe has gifted me with several places to call 'home' for wherever I am with family, I feel home!

There will be some silence from me as we still won't have Internet at our new apartment but as soon as you hear from me there will be lots of information.

So stay tuned! Especially for 1st day October ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012


Relocating internationally is tricky stuff. When I know more about the actual process, I will blog about it. As of right now, I'm still a little confused.

Things are moving along but not according to our original timeline. I suppose, it was a little naive to think everything would go off without a hitch but, I'm a glass half full kind of girl.

That being said.... The Mayor and I decided three weeks was too long for First Lady Narch and Little Narch to be apart.

Since we just got an apartment, we decided to book tickets to see the new Narchville! We leave on Thursday to go to Dubai and be a family for a while.

Much to my in-laws and my pleasure, we will be back in Lebanon for Little Narch's third birthday! (I simply can not believe it)

She has never had a birthday party with her Lebanese family so, as you can imagine, we are pulling out all the stops. Little Narch enjoys demanding purple cakes, purple dresses that touch her shoes, purple plates, purple chairs... She spares no detail... One trait we have in common (she IS mine)!

We are ecstatic to be seeing The Mayor. It's been too long. Even if it's just for a while it will rejuvenate our patience and be really good for our souls!

And I can. not. wait! to see our apartment, even if it will be empty!

Some pics of Little Narch to appease the crowd :)

The Princess Castle (made of an air conditioner box) is her most favorite item and her hair is getting long!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Waiting Place

You know the Dr. Seuss book 'Oh The Places You'll Go'? They get to the part where the kid is in  'The Waiting Place' where everyone is just waiting for something...

That is where I am.

We are filling our time as best as we can. I brought this really great book with me from Minnesota. I should've bought a few because it really is fun....

I am kind of a freak when we do projects like this becuase I want her to pay attention and not cut herself

But looking at these pictures makes me realize how careful she really was

There are a few other types of cutting projects in this book that I really like. I think I got it at Joanne or Michaels.... Check it out if you have kids that are ready to learn how to cut.
We also have been reading this book and acting it out...
Mostly we have just been hanging out. I haven't updated much becuase well, not much is going on and this simple post took hours to upload and edit on this computer.
I do have some exciting news...
We got an apartment!!!! Firas will sign the lease sometime this week. Which means that the waiting is almost over.
It also means the blog posts are going to get more plentiful.
I am manifesting that my next first day post will be in my new apartment!
Till next time :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Candyman Can!

Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew, Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two, The Candyman can!

We have been missing The Mayor somethin' fierce.

I have been doing some research about the company Firas is now working for. I hit the jackpot and I found the pictures on the parent companies website

When I showed the pictures to Joelle she about had a heart attack!


The mayor is still looking for an apartment and a car. Still no movement in that department. I am learning the true meaning of patience :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day - September 2012







Pictures Sent from Husband:


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