Friday, December 27, 2013

A Very Narchville Christmas

We had a fantastic Christmas.

Christmas Eve I got the house all organized and clean while Petra and Joelle swam. Then I made a delicious feast which we enjoyed on the cool balcony breeze and the Dubai night lights!

Falafel bake (sort of like stuffing made with a protein), mashed potatoes, red wine mushroom gravy and cucumber salad that matched perfectly and were simply divine.

If you are wondering the answer is no. We don't miss meat around here. We are seasoned vegetarians. I think it's been almost 8 years...

Little Narch opened a present in the evening and we all snuggled in on the couch (turned into a bed) and watched Planes. Which is an adorable movie. I have to admit, I think the Mayor and I were more interested than Little Narch.

With Little Narch off to bed we organized the tree for the magic to happen.

Then we all went off to bed. This First Lady is tired these days.

The next morning went off as Christmas should. Little Narch wasn't up too early and for that I was thankful.

Everyone was happy, grateful and on their best behavior proclaiming it to be

"The BEST Christmas EVER!"

I DO miss Christmas at home with my family and friends. But can I be honest?

It was just so stress free.....

No plans to keep. No place to be. No people to meet or disappoint if you couldn't.

Don't get me wrong. I facebook stalked all my loved ones looking for a peek at the snow and the cozy families.... And I still haven't had my fill.

I guess I just enjoyed what I have been blessed with.

Christmas Lunch was out and about. We ate the BEST hummus I have ever eaten. It was so amazing that I ordered a tub to take home and we ate it for dinner. Seriously. Never had anything like it. SOOO delicious! It had pickles in it and... hm. hm. hm.

And then we went home and took a VERY late nap!

Perfect day!

Merry Christmas everyone! I am far too disorganized to have matching pajamas photos for you this year (or any year for that matter). Hopefully I will get some professional photos once The Pirate arrives.

Monday, December 2, 2013

First Day December 2013

Happy First Day Everyone! 

In Narchville we had a day off of school and work for the 42nd United Arab Emirates National Day! Congratulations to our wonderful adopted home country:) 

Our day went a little something like this....

We are still painted from The Color Walk.

I never DID get to the stroller...
And there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Including my forehead! (It's still there today..)

Can you see the pink around my hair line?

I didn't take a before. It was a disaster. Looked like a rainbow explosion.
And not in a good way! 

Be jealous ladies! My Mayor is a keeper!

(He will probably kill me for posting this pic I took it quick so he couldn't object. 
Hence the surprised face)

Costume change #1

Where are my feet?

34 weeks! We have so much to do!

Costume change #3 (I didn't grab any pics of the swimsuit)

Oh yes...
.....I did
I found them at an american grocery store and had to buy them..
Quickly I realized why I converted to making my own...
Canned are not as delicious as I remember.
But when a bag of fresh cranberries is hard to find...

Getting ready for our pirate!

The Mayor and I concur this was an AWESOME color choice. Good call Little Narch!

My nightly... totally sinful... hot chocolate....

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Color Walk Dubai 2013

Yesterday Narchville did The Color Walk.

Something happened over the last week and Joelle morphed into this different person. 

Posing for pictures and looking like a grown up. 

I am 34 weeks now! It was a little ambitious of me to expect myself to participate in a full 5k. 
(I am paying for it today - Bring on the swelling)

But I can't resist The Color Run. It's one of my favorites! When I found out they were having one in Dubai I almost cried!

Joelle was in a GREAT MOOD! How could you not be  when your mother hands you a bag of colored corn starch and tells you to go raving mad paint bombing anyone you see in white and then walking through a cloud of pink! 

She was a riot. Grabbing everyone's attention and throwing her extra paint on all the expats! Everyone asked to stop and take a picture with her after she color bombed them!

We didn't 'DO' Thanksgiving this year. (I made mini pumpkin pie but that is all) 
So it was great to do something together as a family that made us soooo happy!

One thing we have learned by moving to Dubai is WE are all we've got! It's important to stop and well....

Taste the Rainbow!

In the US it's The Color Run here is was called The Color Walk.

If there is one in your area I highly suggest taking the family, even if you aren't a runner. It is THE best time! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Day November!

Happy First Day November 2013! We spent ours celebrating! Have a look...

From this view you can't tell I'm 30 weeks pregnant!

The beautiful cake that I dropped.
We made it work thanks to a trick I learned called jimmy rigging.

It is actually The Mayor's birthday as well. Being the amazing father he is, his joy comes from our daughters bright smile!

We were interrupting girl talk. 

I just want to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to The Mayor. We celebrated for the both of them but it makes my soul sing how much he gives so that our family can live comfortably. I appreciate him more than words can express. 

Love you Mayor! You're the glock to my spiel? Was that it? LOL (I'm sure it wasn't)

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