Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Day April 2013

I didn't forget it was First day.... I just forgot my blog's role in it and so all these pictures are pieced together last minute from my ipod. I knew something was off today I just attributed it to Firas being in Saudi Arabia and April Fools Day. 

Joelle got a bed. We are hippie co-sleepers, always have been and we both like it that way. However, Joelle is starting to get a little older and I think it is important that she have the option. Co-Sleeping has really helped keep bedtime positive in Narchville. She didn't sleep there last night. Tonight I am going to spend the night with her to keep her confident. We are trying to keep this transition as positive and successful as possible. I dont believe in uncontrollable tears at bedtime :)

This is the Easter Carnage.

Some guilt reading to get me motivated to get back on track. I didnt fall that far off the bandwagon. Just a week or two sugar binge teehee. Lets just say my skin is throwing a tantrum.

Joelle's easter scooter.

Our new tables... pardon the mess.

We went for a late night swim.

And then we snuggles in.

Happy First day!

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