Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Has it really been THAT long?

Almost exactly a year ago we were preparing to board a plane and take the adventure of a life time.

The Mayor and Little Narch one year ago 
First Lady and Little Narch one year ago

Really? This is an adventure? Sometimes the daily to-do lists don't really seem like an adventure. Maybe that is a sign of how well we are adjusting to life as we now know it.

Now, I am preparing in a similar fashion (very last minute and its mayhem people) to go home for a visit.

There isn't enough time for everything that I want to fit in but our new life got in the way. Our little one is starting preschool and we are preparing for the next one to join us.

Funny how life keeps moving no matter what country you are in...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pirate Narch

Narchville is going through a lot of changes as of late!

If you haven't already heard we are expecting our second Narchlet in January 2014!

January is a special month for us because it is the month we celebrate our I Do's.

Poor thing is going to have a birthday right after everyone is broke from Christmas :(

Needless to say pregnancy symptoms are in full swing.....

I meant to do an amazing first day post and forgot to take pictures until like 8pm.

I meant to count to 120 but started at 157.

I meant to remind Firas to... What? Huh?

Pregnancy brain. Fatigue. Morning Sickness. I've got it all.

Morning sickness eased up and now I am just pain ol exhausted. And it's HOT HERE FOLKS!

We are talking 111 degrees.

Being pregnant abroad comes with a slew of uncertainties. Where do you deliver? Who will be your doctor? What is it like here versus in Minnesota.

Luckily my paralegal side kicked in and I found a great place to get medical care..American Hospital Dubai!

The campus is beautiful! It reminds me of where I gave birth to Joelle. I think it will work just fine. I will get more pictures of the campus next time. 

Happy Summer from Narchville. We are doing great and we haven't melted.... yet.

Visit from a Minnesotan!

We have had a lot of visitors since we moved to Dubai! All of them have been wonderful house guests.

My friend from MPLS (Ashley) who is traveling the world made a stop in Dubai for just about three weeks. It was a blast to be with her.

She cut my hair (among other things, she was my hair stylist).

Despite Ashley taking over Joelle's room. Joelle had a blast too. She even said after the first night of having her room back that Ashley was welcome to sleep in her room again.

I made a few realizations while she visited. Firas is definitely my rock in Dubai. Without him I wouldn't be doing nearly as well as I am. It's easy to take your every day people for granted. So I need to shout out to him for being my companion in crime!

However, I have missed girlfriend camaraderie. And.. well... Dare I say it.... People that are like me.

I'm a different breed. So it was nice to have some goofy fun. (Not Pictured: Firas enjoying geek out sessions)

Narchville coming to a geek out a midwest state near you July 2013. (Landing date not yet specified.)