Monday, February 3, 2014

The Great. The Ugly. The Hope!

The Great!

Life has been hectic in Narchville.

I forgot how 'glamorous' being a mother to a newborn can be.

I'm happy to report I am making sure to shower every day :)
In my opinion it's the key to success of new-motherhood-ism! 

Don't get me wrong new-motherhood-ism has it's perks.

My first all out actual smile

We have had a house full of visitors.

It was has been nice to always have an extra pair of hands.

Never feel lonely.

Most importantly to always have someone to 'love on' Joelle so she didn't feel completely alone during this HUGE transition.


I'm not going to sugar coat this, breastfeeding has been REALLY hard this go round. I got mastitis, thrush and now I am battling a fever and some nasty viral infection. I'm trying to stay positive through all of it... Stick with it, and hope for some relief from the pain.

I think the fever has made me a little delirious...

The Hope

We are clapping along - our level is too high!

After all... we have each other and this couldn't make my heart anymore, well, Happy!

First Day February 2014

I slacked a bit on my First Day pictures this month... But you WILL forgive me, we have a new baby.

Feel Bad for me.. very bad. Thrush AND Mastitis. It makes for painful breastfeeding.

If you want to see more First Day posts or want to link up head over to Journey to Josie and eat your heart out! Hopefully I will have some more for you this month!