Monday, September 8, 2014

Discovering New Corners of Dubai

We have been here almost two years and we have walked past the Dubai Mall Aquarium more than a handful of times but never been inside.

Until now!

We had to beat the Dubai heat somehow and we walked past and decided WHY NOT! Besides I have been hearing about the KING CROC they have and we are VERY interested in Crocodiles in Narchville.  

Walking through the shark layer was scary. Everything in your mind tells you that you are safe, but the sharks swimming around you just keep you a bit on edge.

The smiling sting ray was a ray of sunshine, it was very playful.  I will spare you more terrible but obligatory aquarium photos. I'll just stick to the ones of curious Little Narch.

She got to feed the fish in the BIG aquarium and she had an absolute blast. She was taken 'back stage' and got to see the fish hospital, the shark diving cage, the shark crane and the kitchen. It was really fun and it sparked her interest in everything marine biology.

We mainly went to see the crocodile but found he was SCARY! 

In the words of Little Narch, "I knew he was going to be big, but standing next to him he looks like a dinosaur and he is REAL MOM." 

He was eyeing The Pirate like breakfast so we moved on. There was tons to see and we walked through several times. 

Then we hung out with The King Croc life size copy. He was much more fun! 

That's when we stopped and filled out our field trip notebook guide and talked about all the crazy facts about crocodiles! Did you know Crocodiles can live a year without food? Homeschool in the mall, that's my kind of field trip!

The Pirate slept most of the time which was perfect. It was a good way to spark an interest in Little Narch that is now a glorious thirst for information about animals of the water.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day September 2014

Today was an eventful day! We haven't officially started our Homeschool year in Narchville, but that doesn't mean structured learning isn't underway.

WE finally got our yearly membership to our small but accessible library.  WE are pretty excited!! So WE spent all day there doing our reading and writing lessons. Then joyfully picked out books!

Happy First Day!!!

My DBFF! (Dubai Friend Forever) 

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