Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Weekend Getaway!

Life has been busy with a new baby, the school run, nursing, naps, sleepless nights and everything in between. 

The Pirate pretty much has me/us prisoner. Think I'm lying? Here's the proof!

He is cute so we don't mind. 

We decided to take take a night and visit an Emirate we have not been to yet, Ras al Khaimah!

The ride there was absolutely thrilling. Empty deserts and wild camels! I LOVE camels.

There was one scary road. It dipped in the strangest places and drivers didn't understand the concept of lanes on it. It was like a safari, slightly scary, but the fun scary.

The hotel was an oasis in the desert. You are in the middle of nowhere then there is this huge resort city, with GRASS!

Of course we did the mandatory bed jumping once we got there. The two beds made for some amazing sleep since Little Narch wanted to snuggle with The Mayor!

The Pirate isn't a huge fan of swimming yet. He is however very patient. 

However, even his patience has a limit. It was about 102F so I made him swim.

Despite having sore throats and fevers we had a great time. So great in fact, we didn't take many pictures.

We skipped the beach because it is jellyfish season - which The Mayor found out the hard way. Plus the best beach in UAE is the one right by our apartment in Dubai.

I have no complaints! Life is good in Narchville.