Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bolshoi Ballet - Cinderella

Narchville had been struck with months of sickness and this last few weeks were the worst.

The Pirate gave us a scare but I am happy to report that this is the last week of antibiotics in Narchville and we are all on the upswing.

Of course I was the last one to catch the bug so I am the only one still medicating. That being said, I am done with being stuck in our house sick. I decided we needed to celebrate.

Little Narch has an interest in Ballet and The Mayor had been wanting to take her. What better way to foster a love of the arts than to book a hotel in Abu Dhabi and buy Bolshoi Ballet tickets. So that is what we did.

It wasn't until we got there that I realized how BAD we needed a change of scenery.

The energy from my family in our little room just gleamed! Little Narch was busy exploring the room bustling with excitement from all the treasures she found.

While The Pirate just relaxed on the bed squealing with glee.

The little girl in me yearned to see the Bolshoi Ballerina Svetlana Zakharova glide across the stage and revel in girly glee with my girl. Alas, there is something incredibly magical about a father wanting to take his little girl to the Ballet. She's a lucky girl. 

We started to get the princess ready for her big night at the ball and suddenly I wasn't feeling so bad about being left behind.

While bathing her I gave her a little lesson on etiquette when attending a Ballet. 

We were silly and snuggly for a while and then they were ready, both beaming.

My sweet scorpios.

I sent them off with kisses and well wishes and a tear of joy.

My girl is turning out to be quite the lady.

Luckily for me The Pirate fell asleep. I reveled in the silence and actually got myself ready for dinner with a friend. 

This Guy!!!!

I snuck in a few hours later to find her fast asleep. Just as a princess should be after the ball.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Day June 2014

Happy first day of June! We had a pretty eventful day and I was terrible at taking pictures of the eventful stuff. I suppose I should give myself a little credit, I do have my hands full.

Just to clarify. We are all sick... My coughing kept The Mayor up all night and finally he retreated to the couch for some silence.

My assistant photographer took this one. We also video called our family in Lebanon
but she was being a diva and wouldn't do her job for that call :)

This is my attempt to mark that I FINALLY FOUND THE LIBRARY! I was so excited that I was chatting up all the librarians and forgot to take pictures inside. It's pretty tiny but it's what I have to work with.

Sword in the Stone

A half done to-do list by mid day's end equates adult sanity saving beverage.

'Mom, let's take a selfie for first day'
Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

Attempt #4

Pirate Narch woke up with a tooth! Unfortunately no pictures could be captured. 

I finally got to that laundry!

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