Monday, June 17, 2013

I am NOT a Ballerina! I'm a tapper!

When we first moved to Dubai I signed Joelle up for tap classes and she loved them. They were canceled because Joelle was the ONLY interested student and she is too young to go to the other tap school. So I found a class at The Little Gym that combines Tap, Ballet and Gymnastics to tide us over.

Joelle is adamant with her teacher that she is NOT to be confused with a ballerina.

Yeah. Ok. Whatever Joelle!

Looking at these pictures, I'd say she fits the bill. She is the TALLEST girl in class her legs are just muscular and she pays pretty decent attention compared to when we first started.

She LOVES Ms. Olga! I do too. She is good to kids without talking down to them, and she actually expects them to do what she asks, which I can dig!

Waiting for class to start, she was really excited! She was giving me instructions on how to behave.

She DID add that 'Tapper Flare' with the bow tie she just HAD to have to finish her outfit! 
My sweet Juju B!

Graduating. She got a medal and is pretty proud of herself.
She yelled out,
'Hey Mama! You have a medal and now I have a medal!'

I am one Proud Mama!

This is one proud Baba!
AND Ashley was with us! One can only conclude she was proud as well!

I'm 30!?

I am not afraid of getting older.  I actually like it. And... well, I plan on living a very long time so, really, I'm still in the infancy of my life.

I like myself more the older I am. I know what I want. I know how to be happy. I am living my true adventure.

Things are good in Narchville. (Especially now that I have some space to upload pictures!)

My friends came in and it just so happened to coincide with my birthday. John and Kevin were here for the weekend,

and Ashley showed up the day before our get away.  (Pictured later)

We piled in the car and drove to Fujairah, this was the view from our room.

If you are from Minnesota, the best way to describe it, without actually describing it at all, is it's like driving to Duluth. Life is simpler there, its more country side, outdoorsy fun. It's probably one of my favorite weekend activities/getaways.

I have found a love for snorkeling despite my squeemish fear of fish.

At this point I was being goofy because it was my defense mechanism for how terrified I was of running into a Black Tip Reef Shark for reasons that only a lady would be afraid of.... ahem......if you get my drift!

I didn't see one, but I am just illustrating, this is a real #$%$@# shark. I had reason to be scared!

In the end I had nothing to fear. Ashley and I had such an amazing time that we lost track of it...

At this point I was like "EEEEEEW PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME'. I am happy to report I settled down after a while.

When we took all the pictures we were on the wrong side of the rock, when we swam to the other side, there were thousands of fish and we saw a SEA TURTLE!

It was a great way to end a decade!

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Day June 2013

Happy First Day June Everyone! I am out of space on my computer and every time I empty it to add pictures it is full again. Hence, the reason why I havent been updating my blog. 

Pure Lazery. 

For those of you that didn't know. I was in Lebanon and just got back. 

June is probably my favorite month. It's the month I entered the world!

I woke up this morning happy to be reunited with my husband and drank my coffee and journaled like any other day. Joelle decided to sleep in this morn and I wasn't complaining.

I also woke up to THIS!

 My luggage, despite my prayer that it would, did NOT, sort, fold and put itself away.

Joelle played with her treasures from the USA! Our new dog (a dog that doesn't poop, eat, beg, or shed aka my favorite dog ever). She plays with this puppy like it's a real dog! Love it!

Plus her Woody Doll! I never feel guilty for getting this girl toys. She is so good about being appreciative and playing with all of her toys.

We are convinced... That since the introduction of Woody, our toys DO IN FACT come alive when we leave the room! We have heard them.

Yes, folks dogs need their exercise. I can see every woman's heart melt in the elevator when they get a load of THIS.

We picked up our latest Cafe Cermaique creation. (It says Joelle in Arabic.) I am pretty proud of Joelle for following directions on this one! Of course, she doesn't get this far without the artistic genius of her parents. 

She was a sassifrass this day. Rocking her new dress and counting up her Lebanese Lira left over from our trip.

 I got a new pair of Haviannas that I am pretty proud of!

And then it happened!

 But Joelle doesn't mind another trip to Cafe Ceramique and neither to I!

My flowers from my arrival at the airport. Made us girls feel pretty special!

And my late night let's try everything that Firas got me from MN.

That was my first day! More to come this month guys! I still have a trip from Lebanon to recap and I have VISITORS THIS MONTH!

If any bloggers out there want to link up to First Day Posts or just check em out.... go ahead :)