Friday, November 30, 2012


Normally people don't like rain. I'm not entirely sure what feelings the rain creates for people in Dubai, but I personally love it.

The wet, dark, coolness of it reminds me of Minnesota on a rainy day.

This rainy day has however given little Narch a complex about my previous denial to her request for a Hello Kitty umbrella. Well, an umbrella of any kind. When ever she sees one she asks for it and just yesterday I said...

"For the hundredth time, it hardly rains in Dubai I am not buying you an umbrella."

Today when she realized it was raining I was in the bathroom and she asked if she could talk to me.

"Mom, see I told you I would need that umbrella."

And since it's been a crazy off an on again rain all day she has made her
point loud and clear.

But she finally got to wear the rain boots she has out in public.

I guess there is a little of me in there after all.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Presenting Little Narch

Tap lessons were a success. She really enjoyed herself. In lieu of pictures it's easy to post short videos! Even better. 

I think she has a gift. But don't all mothers feel this way ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spilling My Beans

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've decided that since its thanksgiving already here, and when its my tomorrow it will be Thanksgiving there, I'm going to celebrate it both days!

I haven't made any food. I'm lacking serious foodspiration these days. But I'm sure I'll whip something out. As soon as I can make it to a grocery store with a trunk :) its hard to carry that kind of stuff home. I'm craving pecan pie and cranberries specifically! Ooh mashed potatoes sound good...

My beloved Mac is broken. We are bringing it in. This is the reason I haven't been updating my blog. And it's hard to upload pictures from the iPad.

I have so many pictures for you. I think I will be doing a picture story as soon as I am up and running. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't have to buy a new laptop.

Narchville has been bustling with new life as we have little baby seedlings popping up. Watermelon, beans, peppers, roma tomatoes and lettuce.

(Bwahahaha did I get any of you with my wording on that one?)

Our patio furniture should be here Monday! I'm so excited to relax during this cool weather on 'The Terrace'. Especially with all the life bustling up here with my newfound green thumb. I'm close-ish to getting my hydroponic system up and running. I'm hoping growing food will help with my foodspiration.

This was a problem starting in Minnesota. I was so busy getting ready that I sort of just cooked veggie burgers and salads. Its hard to find inspiration here when the organic produce is less than inspiring and everything is imported and old. Once we have a car I'll be able to travel to the places where foodspiration is born.

Moving on.

Little Narch starts tap class today. She has been really interested in tap and modern dance as of late.

I thought she would be interested in ballet. She is interested in the costumes however, I can see the beat seeping through her soul. She is always popping a hip in the dressing rooms at H&M or checking out her bouncing curls in any reflective surface.

It's amazing. Anywhere we are.. She notices the music. 'Do you hear that? Mom? Do you hear it?'

I started showing her videos of different dance styles. She has really shown an interest in "the loud one". So tap it is. although I have a feeling she is going to move toward hip hip or modern. Anything that allows her to 'whip her hair back and forth'!

We went on the excursion of a lifetime to find tap shoes and when we did and she put them on... My heart skipped a beat.

My baby is a girl.

I've heard mothers speak of this. I've even witnessed my other 'GirlChild' morph through this stage and shared tears of joy with her mother of the glory and loss of the growing baby.

It really is an honor. Ushering our children through their stages of life!

I'm so thankful!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Bucket of ThankFULLness!

When I walked into our apartment building after being on Lebanon for a week and a half it hit me.

I had been griping about how this place doesn't feel like home, and it hadn't until I had been away from it.

Does that makes sense?

Then the week I spent working on my tab at the pool with my girl and putting the last bit of stuff away that I had left in Lebanon and brought back I am finally at my final resting place.

It is really peaceful.

No one celebrates the pilgrims settling in America in Dubai... So they skip right to Christmas but I am hoping to take the symmetry of rid month and my settling in Dubai and count my blessings.

Focus on how FULL my bucket is...

... And rub it into all you Northwoods folk how much I love the summer so I can entice you to spend some moolah to come visit me in paradise!

I have never thought of myself as the super adventurous type, some of you may disagree with me on this.

So today I'm thankful for my leap of faith and The Mayor for taking it with me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I'm getting ready to leave Lebanon and go back to the place that is supposed to feel like home.

I can't make up my mind. I have a lot of anxiety today.
When I was there I didn't want to leave, but I'm having the same emotion when faced with the reality that I have to leave Lebanon and go back. 

It may be because I let Little Narch skip her nap. What was I thinking?!

Part of me thinks that now with the traveling over and the realness setting in I'm getting a little 'homesick'. 

Sure I miss my family and friends but what I miss even more is that feeling you have when your home. 

I can't describe it. I didn't even know it existed until now. But when you're in places where every corner you turn is new and nothing seems familiar even though you've been there for weeks... I call it newxiety. 

I think the experts call it culture shock :/ 

In case you were wondering, it's real folks. I know I had my doubts.

Don't worry about me. I'm doing just fine. I'm taking note of all my new emotions and keeping good track of where I've been, am and am going. I'm also surrounded by great people.

And 'Good 'ol Papa Narch' will be in Dubai for Christmas ;)

Just in time.

I'm jonsing for a kombucha ;) and some quality time with my Dad!


Friday, November 2, 2012

First Day November

Happy First Day Everyone! Here is what we did..

(crappy ipod pics)

My morning video of Little Narch singing Happy Birthday to Mayor Narch will not load :(
(I'm not at home so I don't have the technology I need I'll post it when I get back to Dubai)

hmmmmmmm what to do with him...
He smells so good. Not like any of the other pumpkins we have carved...
He just MUST be eaten!

No pie pans in sight..
I guess we will have to get creative...

She looks three right?!

'Grilling' Halloumi Yum YUM

After dinner we decided to get a cake to celebrate The Mayors birthday even though he was not with us. We would take video and send it to him so he didn't feel forgotten. 

I was a little confused why we were making this decision so late but they are night owls here in Lebanon so I went with it and let Little Narch stay up for the festivities. We were video taping the cake and singing happy birthday when The Mayor walked in. 

It's all on video however after trimming and loading and reloading it just. wont. load. 

It was the funnest part of the day!

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