Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of KG1

Is there some sort of patch or club that I am inducted into for surviving the first day of school?  'Cause we did it!

She woke up a beam of sunshine ready to tackle her new chart!

I made the rookie mistake of letting her watch cartoons while she ate her nectarine and eggs. It took her 40 min to finish breakfast. I think we will skip the cartoons tomorrow. 

She got right to business after that and got herself all ready. 

She normally likes one TIGHT pony tail. 

Today she said "Mom, I want to try something different. How about TWO pony tails. Make 'em TIGHT!"

Of course I obliged!

Her energy just lit up the room. She looked great!

It takes longer than I thought to get out the door, down the elevator and out of the parking garage. So an adjustment of our time table in in order. 

 We parked a bit away to avoid this... and we were a few minutes late.. Oops.

 We made it! Joelle was thrilled!
(We were not the only ones late.)

A little too thrilled to pose for pictures.

It was utter chaos. Kids crying. Parents everywhere. Toys everywhere. 

We found Joelle's cubby and her lunch box didn't fit :)~

Then she went back to playing. 

While Firas and I watched her in awe.....reluctantly we left.  (We DID stay about an hour and a half)

We marveled on the way to Firas' work about her strength and self confidence.

Put simply, we have an amazing child.

I wasn't worried about HER after we left. It was so chaotic that I feared it wouldn't calm down and the kids that were fine with being at school would be left to fend for themselves because the teachers were so wrapped up in dealing with ten plus crying, screaming children. It was nothing like I have ever experienced. The whole KG1 section was so loud.

Together we decided that I would stop back at noon, check in and see how the class looked. We would pick her up early to keep everything successful.

When I got back at 1:00 (dang traffic) the class was much more calm (and small). Maybe they separated the kids not adjusting well, or their parents picked them up.

Regardless..... MY girl? Was JUST fine.

The teacher complimented her behavior. THEN told me that I couldn't send this and this and this with her in her lunch.

(Side Bar: I packed a damn good lunch people. Balanced. Cute. I was bummed. I put more energy into that lunch than any parent in that school.)

I panicked thinking she was starving and thirsty. I was then told to go wait in the office.

Where I was greeted with.....

My GIRL! All in one piece. 

And I can breathe again...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pirate Narch - Gender Reveal

The day of our appointment was fun fun fun! It started off like any other day. Getting Firas off to work and keeping Joelle entertained. We got ready and we were off to find a cab to meet Firas at work! 

I gave in and let her bring that darned stroller and baby with because I wanted her to feel special. Don't be fooled by the picture, I carried the thing around most of the day! 

We got to Firas' work and rode with him to the American Hospital Dubai! The campus is really beautiful. I feel like I have to dress up to go there. So I straightened my hair! 

Here we are waiting our turn. I am fortunate that my daughter is incredibly patient. A virtue that I spend loads of time manifesting for my next child!

They didn't let us take pictures past this point. At the last minute Joelle decided she wanted a baby brother, which ended up being perfect. The technician's funny disposition and lack of vocabulary made for an interesting gender reveal. It went something like this...

Marlo "Those are the legs?"
Technician "Yes"
Marlo "I think I see something... Firas do you see it?...Am I seeing this right?"
Technician "Yes, I am just searching for da ballz... ahhh yes, der are da ballz."

It took me a second to realize how hilarious it was but I could not have asked for a better, more funny way to find out I was having a BOY! I was right! He IS a pirate! He even has treasure, the family jewels! 

My little Pirate is a feisty mover and shaker. It was hard to get a good picture. Not to mention I was almost 22 weeks instead of 20 and was told that we have a big baby on our hands. (Which surprises me as I haven't gained more than 3 pounds). 

So with a full heart I introduce our BOY Pirate! This little one makes our family trio a quad and my soul could not shine brighter.

Just as we took the previous photo he turned his back. 

His HUGE feet were constantly moving so I am surprised we got pictures of them. We counted and I think there are five toes, on each foot. According to the technician "They look human" and apparently that is what they are looking for. She was soo funny!

Being a skull aficionado this picture makes me happy! 

Firas had to go back to work. So we went back to the Oasis Center where his office is and instead of going home we had lunch and celebrated at Fun City! Joelle played in the play area and then we did some games and rides.

She took air hockey pretty serious. 

Then we took a trip to the dollar store for some fun stuff! The dollar store in Dubai is all Japanese stuff and it is SO AMAZING!

We did a little shopping for school stuff and then it was time for Baba to go home but not before he took her on the ride that pregnant mama's cannot go on. He was embarrassed that people from work would see him. No one did but I have a picture to ensure that they do :) 

These are the little outfits that I could NOT resist! I didn't even bother with newborn size. Joelle was 9 pounds and didn't fit in any of it anyways. Since she told me he is big, I will just go with my gut and stick with the 0-3 month sizes.

I think he may wear this one home from the hospital. It has a little bulldog on it and I remember Joelle looked like a bulldog when she was born. I guess this assumes that they will look alike.

Oh. You don't believe me. Here's my proof.

 Then I ran into this gem. I mean. We call him the Pirate.You ladies know that I HAD to.....

So that concludes our day. We are still trying to decide between two names. I was in love with one when Joelle was a baby, Firas liked another one. Now, we have switched sides and are struggling between the two. That being said, we both agree that each name is a GREAT name. 

Maybe we will just wait until this little being makes an appearance and looks like an Alladan or a Jack Sparrow. (If Joelle had her way it would be Franky Star. ) 

Haha. Just kidding. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day September 2013

Happy First Day of the Month! 

We are busy this week preparing for Joelle to start school. It's still pretty hot so we have a bit of cabin/mall fever. In addition, I won't sugar coat it, I'm not in the best mood. 

Joelle stopped her midday nap just in time for school and this pregnant mama is TIRED. (Joelle is too, she just refuses to sleep.) So as you can imagine our days are colored with a bit of sass. 

Here is Firas escaping from the blood bath.

OH AND I don't suppose the fact that I gave up coffee is helping with the attitude and tiredness.
Cold Pizza for breakfast. Don't judge. 

There she is. My picture of sunshine. This picture pretty much describes how we are both feeling.

So we watched a movie that Firas thankfully recorded.

YUCK! I was LAY to the ZY this weekend.

I skipped dishes and dug right in for the fun stuff. Rearranging and reorganizing Joelle's room. We JUST bought that dresser the previous day and her closet shelves were finally free for some of that stuff that has been a disorganized pile under her bed! YAY! 

Still no storage in this little apartment. Plenty of room...No storage. I'll work on THAT another day.

My Dad wove this awesome blanket that is really more wall art so I hung it.

And Viola! Not perfect but definitely an improvement.

Lunch. Please. Let's not pretend I didn't snack while cleaning. 
There is a shower which I spared y'all pictures of :)

Pirate bump watch week 21. Don't let that sweet face fool you. 

She's still all sass.

Off to get dinner ready.

I have been sporting my Granny's christmas apron hoping it will bring cooler weather. NOT SNOW. Just cooler weather. I think I should stick to profiles.... Straight on isn't so flattering.

We sat down and played our favorite game... She was decent until....

I won!

I'm being instructed to take turns winning...

Dinner is ready and I am spent. I seriously fell asleep right after my belly was full!
If you are wondering this dish is called Mloukhieh (recipie here) and it's really good for you. AND DELICIOUS!
(We don't eat meat so I do it without chicken and honestly it doesn't need it!)

That's it until the gender reveal on Thursday!

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