Monday, October 21, 2013

Beyond My Wildest Imagination

As Minnesotan's, our mood slightly changes with the weather. It's just in our bones I guess.

Joelle has been a light in our life as usual. 
It's getting increasingly difficult to get a non goofy picture of Little Narch.
Sometimes we lose our patience...
But then we review the pictures and find this gem!

I am moving into the nostalgic fall-winter phase and feeling a bit homesick. 

ALAS, I cannot complain because here in Narchville we are gearing up for my favorite 'season' in Dubai. 

Warm sunny days and cool breezy nights. 

We had a great 'staycation' in Abu Dhabi. Little Narch just lit up, despite the overtired First Lady and the high fever she was battling. 

It was fun to celebrate the local holiday as a family and unwind one last time while SHE is three. Heck, while WE are three. 

Did you hear that?! My girl. My love. My Little Narch is going to be four in a little more than a week.   

As a person who wanted to parent, I prayed to be gifted with healthy, beautiful, intelligent, strong, creative children. I often think about this when I day dream about our pirate.....

.....But then... I never could have imagined her.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Day October 2013

Happy First Day October 2013! Our day went a little something like this...

The Pirate is super active in the morning and we always say high to him and look at his picture!

Not the MOST healthy breakfast... But we have been craving Granny Betty toast!

We have to keep on task so we have a chart!

 I love the stars she makes.

My Belly is getting bigger and my Pirate fills me with a connection that I cherish. I don't even know this boy yet and my heart is smitten.

That being said... And I've said it a few times this pregnancy... It is REALLY time for a pair of maternity jeans!

Joelle LOVES music. Currently her favorite song is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons! She jams in the back seat. We finally put headphones on her so we don't have to listen to it 9 times in the car on the way to school! 

Don't worry we put a volume limit on the headphones.

The last week of October to the first of November is prime time in Narchville! I know that next month is the month of thankfulness, but my thankfulness and joy begins building with the celebration of the births of the best things that ever happened to me.

My Loves

Joelle LOVES her arabic teacher!

(I still hate leaving her. It's the hardest thing I (we) have ever done. I am happy to report that my tears are gradually fading and Joelle has a pep in her step when entering the class room or playground.)

A little view from my drive home.

Once I got Firas to work and made it home, I put my feet up, rested my aching back and starting planning our meals before grocery shopping! Here is one new recipe that I am trying out that looks delish! I will be making a slight variation of it, mostly it was just inspiration.

Gemelli Salad (I hope mine looks like that)

Back in the car for some grocery shopping. The weather has been amazing. I never thought 90 would feel so great! However, the days still get up there and I predicted that it would be a hot one today if at 10 it's already 90!

Driving in Dubai has helped me feel more independent. Sure, I can get around on the metro but my sense of where I am on the road, helps with an overall sense of where you are in Dubai and gives me more confidence.

One of these days, on a day I haven't driven... I will blog about the driving culture here. It's like you are the player of a video game with obstacles popping at random in your way. At times... it can be terrifying. I hadn't driven much until Joelle started school but since, I have gotten my crash course in Dubai driving and I'm feeling confident. I'm an aware driver.

I went grocery shopping. The money here is different so the amount ALWAYS shocks me. But I came in WAY under budget. (Anyone else experience this symptom when shopping without the little ones?)

Picture pregnant me. Pushing around this dilapidated cart (they are all terrible) then getting to the car....

 and I am BOXED IN! I broke a hot sweat (and my back) getting this stuff in the car.....

BUT, I made it!

I really wanted to do cloth diapers with Joelle, but I was unable to because her skin was SO sensitive. Then, when I got pregnant again I started looking into diapering options and with our washing machine.... I am not confident that cloth diapers are a good idea. 

I started looking into diapers. Sure there are Pampers and Huggies. I was WAY to cheap for those in the US even in bulk. There aren't BULK shopping options here. Without really knowing anyone to ask what kind of diapers did you use I've been looking at all the shopping stores to check out the different brands. Most of the off brand alternatives are REALLY cheap. Not just cheap but like something you would put on a doll for pretend. I finally found a SUPER affordable diaper that doesn't look SUPER cheap! I really hope they work.

They have the same feel as Luvs. I am hoping they work well.

Went to go get Joelle. Yup! It's hot! I forgot the camera in the car.... Plus there is just so much hugging and jumping there is no time for pictures!

This is my dish before I added the veggie pasta! It was a total Winner!

One of the MANY benefits of being married to The Mayor in his line of work.... Free Samples!

Love playing teacher with my girl! Especially love how she writes Mom!

There's no place like home!

We played our new monkey game!

Then read our story and both passed out. Thanks to my Lovely husband for putting the food away! 

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