Monday, July 30, 2012

Not JUST Sick...

I've got a gawd-awful case of travelers stomach, dehydration, and heat-exhaustion.

Yes, I was drinking bottled water.

Gallons of it.

There is nothing worse than puking and sweating your eyes out, shivering because you are so hot? Aching so much it hurts to just flex your ankles, all this at 29 wrapped in the fetal position at 2am on the bathroom floor (because the tile feels good on my sweaty cheeks) crying because you just want your mom.

Thats how you know you've got it bad.

Am I painting a colorful enough portrait for you? Well, people wanted honest. That's international travel for you :)~

I've got medication and Gatorade now so after the worst of it I am on the up swing. I've never gotten it so bad.

On the plus side I got it early so I'm being extra careful with my precious Miss B. Water isn't enough, you need popsicles and gatorade OH- and a wet washcloth. (Thanks Mom - I figured I resisted you long enough)

There is no amount of careful when it comes to Lebanon and food. It is all just so. damned. delicious.

Nutella sandwiches - OMG.
Pepsi - made with real sugar. No high fructose corn syrup here. Just good. honest. sugar! I love it!
Potatoes... Deep fried cubes tossed with garlic and cilantro. Or mixed with turmeric. Holy delicious!

And sweating your ass off has its perks in terms of water weight loss. All I've been doing is sweating and eating and I look great! After a shower of course :)

Food sounds good again so I must be better.

That's where I'm at! Until next time!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Technology Break

I had been saying before we left that I was going to get my overuse of technology in check and it looks as though the universe went and took care of that for me. :)

We are here. In Lebanon. All safe and sound - did I mention well fed?!?!?!

The trip went off without a hitch. My 2.5 year old daughter did amazing! She is a GREAT traveller. I'm sure that my preparedness had nothing to do with it ;)

We have been eating and visiting for the past few days. Attempting to adjust to the time difference which is proving to be more difficult when your child is at this stage and sleeps less often. Last year it was almost a seamless adjustment. This year there are some obvious attitude and sleep time adjustments that we are making as gently as possible.

It is hot here. Cool at night in the mountains so there is a little break.. But not so much of a break in the city. This is where we are now.. But I am not complaining... Because I was able to break my fast #thingsthatmakemesmile

We are Happy to be here!

Until next time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Linda Lou,

It really and truly was heart warming to see you last was worth every molecule of effort it took you and I appreciate it ;)

Thanks for being such a good friend to me and my family. You really have surpassed the label of friend and have become part of my tribe so to say. The tribe that I will always keep very close to my heart and my manifestations.

We are both on an different journey to new life.

Take care of your mind and body as I know and trust that you are. I will send you cool turquoise mediterranean sea, ancient wisdom healing vibes.

I do love you oh so much!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Bill Emery Board,

Thanks so much for always showing up.

You have been a constant in my life for quite some time now and I want you to know how loved and appreciated you are.

I will miss Pride with you and Kevin.

I am going to hang on for a summer Bill-pearance at our get togethers when I come home. Oh. And be a facebook stalker. That is my new pass time.

I love you dearly Bill.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Curiosity? No! Anxiety Killed the Cat!

So today I am looking for the strap for my swimming suit.

It is nowhere to be found.

And it hits me.


So. There it was. The freakout that I knew I was going to have. All over a swimming suit strap.

This is big stuff. It's not a joke. I am going to miss every. single. thing/person. about this place.


My utopia.

Who'da thought?!?!

Dear B,

It occurs to me that your life here in Minnesota may just be a distant dream.

We are deciding to move for adventure.

It is easy to do what is easy, familiar and comfortable.

I want to encourage you to exercise your strength. Not just of your body.. But of your life and what you chose experience.

We dont always have all of life's answers, but we have the intuition. If it feels right, you have to act on faith and make the decision. Even if it's hard, the strength will come in the journey.

I love you Miss B. You are my special Gift.

With Every Beat of my Heart.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Firas,

Years ago we came up with this magical vision. We had all but lost sight of it and then BAM! We made a decision based on faith and our trust in each other.

This is one of the more exciting (albeit stressful) things we have ever done. Together we are making this vision a reality and it feels good to be working together and changing things.

I am excited for this next chapter in our life.

With every beat of my heart,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Belongings,

It is time for you to go to Savers now.

Thank you for the good you brought to my life.

Please go fill another persons home now.


Dear Holly,

Just as we were rekindling our friendship I have to go and move across the world.

When I re-met you it was as if no time had passed since I saw you last.

THAT. is the test of a true friend.

I love watching our kids play (and that they look like they could be related). The bubbling laughter brings happiness to my heart.

I am really going to miss you and your family. But we have re-made the foundation of our families being good friends... I truly believe that!

I promise to keep in touch! Please get on the internet as much as you can :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Change of Plans

We have known for a few weeks. We are changing our plans a bit...

My Husband got a job in Dubai!!!!

It's just a small jont from Lebanon and we are still going to Lebanon to wait for all the paperwork to be complete... but we will ultimately end up in Dubai!

If you count today I leave in 6 days for Lebanon.

Yesterday we started a garage sale to get rid of the last minute items that need to go. Today it is going to thunderstorm but we are riding through.

A few bags are packed and people are dropping in to say goodbye. Lots of people that are unexpected!

It's getting very. Very. VERY real.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Tyler,

In the past few months life has really worked in your best interest. You have done so well separated from the way things always were.

That is what I am hoping for myself, your courage to change it up helped inspire me.

I trust that our life long bond will keep our connection no matter where life takes us. Even if there is time in between, I know I will see you as if it were just yesterday. We can pick up where we left off like we never missed a beat!

I am really proud of the road that you are on. I cant wait to see where this road leads.... Or to see you again!


Dear Ian

My littlest brother.

I feel that although I know a lot about you...I don't truly know you.

I also feel whole heartedly that moving further away can be disguised as a hard thing on a relationship... and I am sure that it is. However, I think that it can (and will) work to our advantage by forcing us to use every moment given to us to the fullest.

I will miss you. But I love you so much that I am not worried about not seeing you as often. Especially if we can promise each other that the time we will have to spend together will be dedicated to really knowing each other :)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Mel,

I like to think of you as my impromptu friend...Our friendship wasn't forced or was just meant to be... and it happened.

I like the irony of it because nothing you do happens that way.

I have no clue what to say. Frankly it just brings me to a blubbery teary mess and I have to stop typing and pull it together.

Thanks for showing me what a good mother looked like.
Thanks for always being strong in the face of complete disaster....and for trusting me enough to lean on me in the face of said disaster(s).
Thanks for inspiring my creativity.Thanks for wearing the god awfully huge pajamas that I made you for your double mastectomy. (We never did fix them. but you will have my sewing machine now so...)
Thanks for letting me be there when Nico was born and trusting me to be with him in his first moments of life.

I guess I could list things all day. Mostly, just thanks for always being my friend.I think about you everyday. Honestly. You are....branded into my thoughts.

Your friendship means everything to me and I can't imagine a country without you in it.


 PS Can we PLEASE try and get a good picture of us. For cripes sake!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Amy,

I am absolutely positive that I will not find a friend like you no matter where I travel.

This could be a good... or a bad thing... ;)~

***Sarcasm aside***

Who do I call at 10pm when I just want to bitch, cry, whine, laugh about something.. anything I need to.........Amy.

I will desperately miss that.

You get a side of me that not many people understand. 

I appreciate our friendship and I am lucky to have a friend who I can let my Birthday Brat shine with!

See you next summer!

Love, Marlo

Dear Tiff,

You beat me to the punch! Writing a goodbye on my blog ;) silly girl.

Thanks! By the way. For all the nice things you said.

There is so much I could say to you in my pseudo goodbye letter.

We were an inseparable pair back in the day. We are now separated from the hip, but not the heart.

Not even the distance of across the world will change that.

Take care love! I'll see you on my visits home!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Alecia,

We have been separated by life's circumstances for some time. I am used to living far away from you.

I am hoping that our trips home can somehow coordinate or certain side trips can be made!

I am glad that in our search for strong female role-models we molded ourselves into great ones, and that our relationship can stand the test of time and life's circumstances to show your sister and my daughter what great girlfriends can/should be like.

Your drive and dedication to your life's path is second to none. It is heartwarming to see you on the tail end of one LONG amazing journey. I am also excited to see you enjoy life after Alecia B. PhD ..... or shall I call you Dr. Alecia?

That's what lives are... a never-ending journey. One that you have the power to change the course of any time you'd like if/when it is no longer working the way you wanted.

Thanks for showing me that you can still get what you want even when the course changes...

AND for being desperate for a sister right along with me at age 7 and screaming out 'SISTER' with me in the fabric store as loud as we could so that the world would know:

We were not JUST cousins... but something much MUCH more...

I love you dearly.


Dear Nico,

You may not remember me in the capacity that I will remember you and you will be a different version of the boy I remember. However, I will be watching and loving you from afar.

You were my first introduction to what it is like to have a little baby boy. Even though you aren't mine, I love you like only your 'other mother' could. We share a few moments that will remain near and dear to my heart.

Above anything. I just want you to know how special you are to me.

And that I sang you your first song.


Your Other Mother (minus the button eyes)


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Are you Excited?

Yes. I am. But excited doesn't quite cover it.

Part of me is counting down the days and getting excited for the day to 'just come already'.

The other part is nonchalantly mentioning that I still have a few weeks, everything is under control and trying to just enjoy my last couple weeks without getting frazzled.

But that frazzled girl is in there. I mean. It's 5 am and I am ready for a run. you can count that into the 'never happened before willingly' bucket.

So that is what I will do. Run.

{you can chose to interpret that however you see fit ;) }

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Jeff,

You believed in the nineteen-year-old store manager from the competition with a lip piercing and a hangover.

You inspired the twenty-something girl in a health rut to run.

You pushed the late twenties woman who had just finished her first half marathon to participate in a run that some wouldn't believe possible.

You've got awesome vision!


You're an awesome friend!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Jenny,

I've always admired your ability to make and keep friends. You have so many of them I can't keep up.

You are such a dedicated friend  ~  Your friendship makes me feel shiny and new!
You've showed me the qualities a good friend should have. Some that should be obvious, but just aren't to a personality like mine.

You can believe that no one will appreciate your friendship quite the same as I do.

I am going to miss you somethin' fierce.

Trust that I will skype you often, remember all your food allergies (as long as you keep me updated as they pop up), and miss you WAY more than you will miss me :)~


PS: and YES I will go see Magic Mike with you. Just as a testament of how much I love you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Petra,

Your long awaited note ;)~

Growing up in a family of boys.... I have always wanted a sister. I am glad that I got my sister without all the growing pains of living with one.

I am also glad that at a time in my life when I need a friend the most, I know that I have an amazing, fierce, beautiful, smart, cultured lady by my side!

I love you habbibi hayeti ya yuni la teta - my habbibi's!

Hope I can always keep you laughing with my horrible version of the arabic language! I will NEVER stop trying - just in case you are wondering!


PS: Congratulations on Graduating! It's quite the accomplishment!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Party. Christmas. My Place.

As a true Minnesotan (born and raised) I am no wuss to freezing cold temperatures. I am the first to put on my shorts when the sun is shining and the snow is melting. I have even jumped into Lake Superior on a 72F degree day with ice bergs still floating in the marina.

I am also one of the last to give into the wool jacket.

Extreme Cold.... No problem!

When it comes to extreme heat? I guess my core temperature is just too cold and I am just short of wuss when it comes to extreme heat.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the heat! Every Minnesotan does. It's the heat of summer that gets me through the winter.

I soak up the vitamin d, get sunburnt at the state fair (b/c I am what you call classic ivory) and crowd Lake Calhoun on a nice day for a run.

But let's not kid ourselves here...

I crank that AC and pile on the blankets at night. It's how I sleep for 9 months out of the year. I can't just change that?

So lately, I have been trying heat out!

I love heat! I love the way it feels on my skin. I like tan. I like water. Swimming as a possibility year round is very thrilling.

Which got me to thinking....

Pool Party. Christmas. My Place!