Saturday, March 23, 2013

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

Yesterday Anisa went home. Today Petra leaves.

Being the host is helpful when settling in. It gives this place some hustle and bustle.

I am uploading pictures and here are the ones that make my heart sing...

My Girl is getting so big. Her smile is so bright and her spirit touches my heart. I cannot get enough of her these days. But I mean, look at her..... 
We will miss Teta and Petra, but it really helped our hearts to have them here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dessert Safari

We decided to go on a dessert safari.

We called. Kids 3 years and up are allowed. Great!

We arrive to the meeting place. Get on a bus and drive an hour to get to the middle of the dessert.

Here we are. This is going to ROCK!

Looks like something out of a dream right!?

We were super excited...

We had NO clue, so we strap in. And hold on tight!

It was INSANE. I was too busy holding on for dear life to take video or pictures. For future reference, or for anyone thinking about going on one of these excursions, it is not something you should take your three year old on. 

Sure. We are fine and safe. But it was a HUGE risk on our part and totally terrifying. In retrospect it was more fun than it was during the time. 

Would I do it again? HELL YES! However, I would go with my husband or girlfriends. NOT with my three year old! 

Holy Hell. I cannot describe it. Little Narch is screaming she is so terrified and I'm holding onto her for dear life. I am making small talk and WEEEEE noises in sing song voice to try and keep her calm. Talking about what how camels have to climb the hills to get to the shrubs to eat them and telling her how they can go for long times without water. It took everything I had in me to stay calm. Everything!

Finally.... Solid Ground

Well sort of. They dropped us off at a restaurant in the middle of the dessert. NoWhere Land!

There were camel rides and you could rent a ATV. (Which I breathtakingly declined. I had had enough adventure for one day).

The only thing I kept thinking is if I had to take the death ride back?

We don't ride animals so we found some park equipment to keep ourselves entertained on.

I'm happy to report that her fat lip is healing nicely and I dont think she will lose her teeth!
We sat down to relax and have dinner and we had a great time and lots of photo ops which were caught even though The Mayor left the camera in the car ;)

I am happy to report that although we did take the off road cars home, it was a 3 min drive rather than a 15 min one and we made it home safe and sound :) 

Only in Dubai!  The saying is starting to make a LOT of sense. You gotta love this place!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Party!

Things have been just short of chaos in Narchville lately.

There are so many things that I want to talk to everyone about since my blogging hiatus. I think it is best to just pick up and start where I am and I'll fill you in on the balance when life gets a little more boring.

My mother and sister in law are visiting from Lebanon. My father in law was here for a while around there. We are busy busy busy!

We had a party yesterday. It was Petra's birthday yesterday so we had some people over. Our apartment seems smaller with so many people jammed in, but there were plenty of places to sit, the kids had fun, the food was delicious and THAT CAKE!!!

The cake was amazing thanks to Ginny's Restaurant and Confectionery. If you are in Dubai and need a cake, this place is awesome. They deliver it to your door which takes the hassle of ordering a cake out of the busy day of the party. I didn't know what I was expecting but when I opened the package my heart was filled with GLEE. It was a work of art! A truffle, flavored work of art which is just up my alley.

When my life is full of all the wonderful people that I wouldn't have had so close without this move, I am extremely grateful.

My cup is very full and my extended family is growing! Things could't be happier in Narchville right now. Just look at my Mayor! (He's the one wearing a 'Mayor of Narchville' T-Shirt - Thanks Petra!)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

And She is Back! - First Day March 2013

Happy First Day! (and first day back blogging for FAR too long!)

I forgot how much work this is. Whew! OK! Here are my pics from First Day March 2013 - I am going to caption a few of them with links to wikipedia as they are fun things to learn about.

If you'd like to see other first day posts do so here

 Yerba Matte 


The Gold Souk

These boats travel across the sea and ocean.
Talk about brave souls! 

He kept getting in the way as I took a picture of this stop sign in Arabic and English. 
I told him he would pay, to which he just brushed me off. 
Turning this into a teachable moment for not only him, but you as well...
That thing he is holding is called a Misbaha.
A lot of middle eastern men carry Misbaha's to fidget with, 
it's fairly common in Lebanon - hence why my handsome chap is carrying one :) 
Hands off ladies, I know he's irresistible :)~

Not the greatest picture but you get the point. 

My mother-in-law carries a little piece of my heart.
It's nice to have her with us for a while.
We are making the best of every moment.