Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double digits!

Well I'm at day 10. I feel a sense of accomplishment at reaching a time length that when I mention to people they can't even fathom.

I am still doing a lot of research about fasting and attempting to come up with an end date. But so far taking it week by week seems to be working. I will make it to Sunday for sure.

Food that I am craving: Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Ironically I could probably eat those the first day that I am back to eating. Maybe its a sign that I am starting to crave foods that I need. (Although in my mind they are the ones from Bucca. Which no doubt they are not vegan. I can make my own version of them that I am sure would be vegan and processed food free.)

I am also craving Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes. I tried to juice broccoli today and it was a bust. No juice came out of the juicer. I was a little bummed about that.

Speaking of my juicer. I think that I need a new one if this is going to be the life that I lead. A masticating juicer. The one I have is decent. (A Jack LeLane) But there is research that suggests (and I would agree not sure why they needed to conduct research) that a masticating juicer has less waste and gives you more nutrients from the fruits and veggies. So I guess there is one more kitchen item I have to save for AND find a place in my kitchen. (First on my list being a food processor)

So. Those are the things on my mind today. I am off to make a batch of pumpkin bread for the smells and my kiddo!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Natural Way

Day 9 here I come!

I am so proud of myself.

I am starting to fully embrace this fast. I have been very dedicated the whole time. But it's starting to become me.

I am starting to feel the clear-ness that is described. Honestly it comes and goes.

Sleeping. Let's just talk about sleeping. Never. Been. Better.

and Dreaming. Vivid. Clear. Understandable.

I'm not using green tea in the morning everyday. I haven't today. But I am still "cheating" with it. If you can call that cheating.

It's my little healthy treat and it makes me excited. I found a lemongrass spearmint blend that is really fragrant and fun to sip.

I have gotten a lot of questions about if what I am doing is healthy. I hope that I have been gracious is my responses. But it honestly irks me just a bit.

Is my decision drastic?


It's drastically improving my health. Without the use of a shake, point, diet pill, or staple in my stomach. THOSE seem more drastic to me. And a hell of a lot less natural.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stages of a Juice Fast

I found this article really interesting in determining how long I want to fast for. I still haven't decided.

I have a few things I want to talk to my doctor about so I think I will include him in my decision.

In my mind I was thinking I would start with 7days. It's the 8th day and I am still feeling good.

My husband treated me to a juice from an organic juice bar yesterday Pear, parsley, cucumber! And a shot of wheat grass on the side. Yum! The juice. Not the wheat grass shot. That was awful.

Currently I am enjoying 5 strawberries, handful of parsley, 4 kiwis, handful of salad greens, 2 small apples, cup of grapes. Totally yummy.

Realization of the day. My family needs more iron. We need to start having tabbouleh stock piled in our house. Makes me miss my mother in law. She makes the best tabbouleh!

Which reminds me. She is on day three and I need to check in with her!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prime Number 7

I've always liked the number 7 - or any duration of it for that matter. 7, 14, 21, 28.... My current age.

Its a prime number. I have always liked prime numbers so that's cool.

So this morning I am just going to manifest that this is going to be a PRIME fast day.

So far I am feeling good. My husband let me sleep in - which equated to me getting out of bed at 8. I should have just let him sleep. But it was what time my body wanted to rise. I rolled around in bed stretching and that was nice.

I'd like to go to the organic juice bar at the wedge co op and get a shot of wheat grass if they have it. That should do my body some good. They also have some fun fresh juice concoctions and that wouldn't require me to clean up after myself. I was also surprised at the prices.  It costs me a lot more to make one 16 oz glass of juice.

I also have been busting away at laundry and the overall cleanliness of my house with the help of my other half.

So Here's to Prime Number 7. The day that marks one week. Man! I am powerful!

Note to self and others juicing. half a bundle spinach, 4 carrots, 6 apples, a long cucumber mixed with some water make for some delicious juice - I think my favorite actually.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Juice Way

Today proved to be better than it started out. I made it through day six!!!!!!

I starting drinking more concentrated juice and that made me feel better.

Most of the people at worked made snarky comments at my cup. "What the HELL is in your cup?"

Some people think fasting is a bad idea. And for some. Fasting is a bad idea.

I am fasting to live my best life. I am trying to cure myself of something that I am supposed to just deal with and medicate for the rest of my life. I am not sure why some settle for that. But for me? It's just not an option. Not if there is a more natural solution.

I want to live to be really old. And I want to be running well into my 90's. Racing. Placing. Walking. Shopping. Breathing. Talking. Singing. Meeting my great great grandchildren.

I never want osteoporosis. Heart Disease. Breast Cancer. SHIT Cancer of any kind. I dont like being sick. I am far to busy to be sick.

My Best friend Mel just went through the most drastic of procedures to not get cancer. As she is healing. I am trying to prevent cancer a different way. MY WAY. The Juice Way. 

Day 6

I feel hungry. and it is making me antsy.

I work today so that should help me keep my mind off food.

I have juiced enough juice to get me through my work day.

I want to bake. Pumpkin bread specifically.

I want to deep fry potatoes and eat it with Tabouleh and pita bread and hummus. YUM that sounds good.

This is me on Day 6. Distracted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Back To Basics

I am no scientist. But after listening to documentaries and compiling the knowledge from all the books and articles I've read (no matter how dry they were), I am realizing that food addiction is something that we as humans are wired to have because it helped us survive.

That was the past. This is now.

NOW... We have adapted to have food readily available to us... EVERYWHERE. But our basic wiring hasn't changed to seek out that food.

Not to mention we have turned the business of food into a "Lab Project"  in turn making food REALLY DELICIOUS. More than it is supposed to be inorder to hide all the stuff that is terrible for us.

This fast has helped me to remember that food is not the enemy but it has a drug like effect. I am rededicating myself to eat food that tastes good. Not because it is hidden behind High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Does that make sense?

Here's to Clarity... and Day 5!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Spot that I'm In


I feel good. Great even. I am happy where I am.

I will say if you are a coffee drinker before a fast (which I was) cold turkey is not a good idea. Drink green tea. It will save you some serious pain.

I feel thin. Which I am not. But I feel thin, light, my face looks slimmer, I'm not as bloated. These are all reason to rejoice for me. Truley rejoice!

I'm not Hungry, but my stomach is grumbling. Partially it may be because I am without juice. The blade at my grandparents went missing. I'll have juice I'm an hour or so. That being said... I still feel good.

I haven't seen THAT number on the scale for a while ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Down the Hatchet!

I was dreading Beet Juice.

My friend Naked Jen lives on beets.

She even has a beet tattoo. Fairly Large. Covers her back. She is Dedicated.

But when I read that it builds your blood AND I saw that I have four in the fridge. I thought.... Better now than never.

So here is to beets. Naked Jen. and Building Blood.

Its not so bad mixed with celery, carrots and apples. (Maybe I would skip the celery next time)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cup of Potion

My new chant as my green tea steeps.

Green Tea
Green Tea
I drink you
You heal me

And it worked. no headache. no nausea.

My juice from yesterday wasn't working so I made something new for today. 2 carrots, 2apples, handful of grapes and water. Surprisingly delish. And so far it is sitting well with me.

I'll have to work on a green juice that doesn't upset my stomach.

Little Bastard

Day two of this fast has been HARD.

I have a headache. That is dull at times and splitting at the least convenient moments.

This morning...I thought to myself "let's make some orange juice yummmm"

Sipping it I just knew it would cause problems. But as usual I pushed that little voice down and gulped. It was delicious.

Then. I took my vitamins.

The little voice in your head doesn't like to be ignored and can be kind of a jackass when he is... So let's just mark those two actions, separately and independently, as "things not to do on a fast"

I was bloated, nauseous, and my head was pounding.

My body finally forced me to expell all inside via vomiting and here I sit! At least I am functional now. Before I was a blob on the couch.

This fast is about redefining my relationship with food. Learning that I can treat my body with food.. For the better AND the worse.


Oh yeah! And that little voice. I get it. You're usually right


OK!!!!! Always geesh!

Monday, February 20, 2012

fasting. pfft.

today. marks the first day of my juice fast. i have yet to commit to a timeline. i will listen to my body and decide when to stop. currently sipping: bunch of celery, two large cukes, three carrots, two apples, two blood red oranges, bunch of kale. it is good. and it helped my detox headache. for now.

it was easy to fast today. my mind was no where near food. it was with the three children i had to keep track of, entertain, feed, change, sing and dance with. so that they would feel as little missing as possible.

my best friend-mom of extra kids- had a double mastectomy today.  she is done. resting. and all is right in the world.

they did good. they barely needed me. they had each other. and.. well.... justin bieber .. *ha