Monday, May 28, 2012

The Nukie got a Visa!

My daughter broke down to tears the other day. I couldn't figure out what for.

She was afraid that I wouldn't let her take her nukies to Lebanon.

Although I had toyed with the idea of 'forgetting' them. I am now painfully aware that this is not an option.

I asked her if she would like to pack her nukies. She said "Yes" with a sugh of relief and explained which one. It later turned into explaining all five that we own.

She is feeling better over being able to have a nap/night time nukie in Lebanon.

I can respect the fact that those are the comfort she would like to have in Lebanon and I'm not going to traumatize her over it.... At least not now!
That's all for today.

People are MY Addiction

Everything I do now has additional meaning.

It may be the last time I go here.          I may never eat this again.

Why am I being so dramatic? This isn't the last time I will do any of these things or see any of you.

One thing I have noticed about myself is how sensitive I have become.  The littlest things send me into hyper awareness.

Mostly? I feel overwhelming love for 'my people'.

Interaction with people I havent seen for a really long time get me thinking. Interactions with those I see all the time and some that I just meet have me pondering life's bigger meaning. Im just thinking about people all the time.

(Thank god I am no longer obsessing about stuff.  Sheeesh how shallow!?!?)

It makes me sad when people shun Facebook. I used to think not having a Facebook was a sophisticated status. Being 'above' it.

I once even toyed with doing away with mine. But why?

It is one of thee greatest tools I have to stay in contact with people.

Sure it's a little self indulgent, addictive and sometimes superficial but it is contact to people nonetheless.

So, don't fret. I wont be doing away with Facebook.

What I will attempt to do is be more authentic on Facebook. Real talking... on Facebook.

Now THERE is an idea!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's not always easy to be conscious.

Today I'm shedding my first tear.

It snuck up on me as Harriet transformed back into my grandmother for a moment to passive aggressively tell me that she would miss me.

Classic Harriet form.

Here I thought she hated having to be 'babysat' by me...... Guess I was wrong.

It made me stop and think. HARD.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There are NO Cats in America!

My daughter has been in love with the movie An American Tale. Thanks to her Uncle Ian
(my littlest brother...)

You know the story about the little mouse whose family moves to America because it promises a better quality of life.

How appropriate.

What I have been chewing on is how when they get to America things AREN'T actually better.

Dont take this the wrong way.

I am just simply analyzing people's ability to always obsess about the grass being greener on the other side.

(and attempting to keep mine in check)

Because that is exactly what I do..... Dream of bigger and better!

Something I inherited from my Dad.

Life is going to be different. There is culture shock to keep in mind, jobs to find, schools to check out, furniture to buy...Life has to be sorted.

But life is life. No matter where you are. There are obstacles here that I have already mastered the art of overcoming. This will be a new adventure that will keep all my senses tantalized.

and.. well in the words of that weird bird Lumier on the movie...

'Never say Never'

Life may actually be better ;) A girl can dream!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let's Tear the House Apart Hooray! Hooray!

I want to pack.. prepare... Something!

I've torn my house apart going through stuff. It's a disaster.

I want to go through everything!

I want to be super organized and ready for the last week I'm here so I can just pack and know for sure that I haven't forgotten something.

Basically I've gone through all the clothes and purged a lot of stuff and made a few piles.

Donate. Sell. Leave. Bring. Throw.

Since I can't pack. I have to prepare somehow.

I also can't wait to plan my birthday and going away party ;) not on the same day of course!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winter Schminter

I have a hard time shopping in Lebanon for clothes and shoes.

It just seems that there aren't many 5 foot 8 inch Goddess body types in Lebanon (sure that's what we'll call it).

There also aren't many mammoth sized shoes available.

If you know anything about me... It's that my wardrobe is sparse and my shoes... well. Let's just say I wear them till they are dead.

I'm also not a huge shopper and I don't plan outfits like most girls do. I'm fairly laid back.

That being said.

I need to spruce up my wardrobe before I go.

So I researched the record lows.
(I already know how hot it gets.)

Are you ready?

Record low. 30F



I can handle that!

I've never been so excited to shop!

Monday, May 14, 2012

One Piece of Valuable Luggage

One piece of luggage?

So what does First Lady Narch pack in her valued one piece of luggage?

I am still asking myself this question. Clothes and shoes no doubt.

What of mine is irreplaceable?

What do I cherish?

My daughter and husband have tickets so thank god I dont have to pack them in there ;)

Mostly I will miss people. The rest I can do without or replace....

I assure you it has taken weeks of processing to come to this realization.

I must stay strong, revel in the technology at my disposal to keep me in touch with MY people.

It is still hard to look at a suitcase and think

'I have to fit everything in there?'

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What?! You're moving to Lebahooooo?

The reactions I get are anywhere from amazing through uneducated. They all make me feel a different way.

I am making a huge life change. If I was having a baby, getting a new job or moving to Edina to a new big house, the reaction would be a resounding


This is not always the case when telling people I am moving to Lebanon.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that not many people are that familiar with Lebanon. I couldn't point it out on a map until I met my Mom's friend who was Lebanese some 10 years ago ;)

Maybe it is because they are going to miss you. (Insert facebook plug here :)

Maybe it is because being brave and adventurous in THIS way. Isn't that common.

Maybe it is because Lebanon is in the Middle East... (bing bing bing bing).

I'd just like to say....(step up on soap box).... ahem.  The media doesn't want you to know all the wonderful things about the Middle East. War and turmoil get ratings. Happiness and pleasure hinder their power and control over your fear of everything 'Middle East'. Stop watching Fox. It's not REAL news. (step down from soap box)

Ok. So. I'll answer the burning question

No. I am not going to have to wear a hijab. -and- Yes. Women have rights.

No one would understand how ridiculous this sounded if they had ever:
1. been to Lebanon -or- 2. met my Mother or Sister-in-law.

Rant Over.

So WHY? am I moving to Lebanon.....

Well Aside from the Mediterranean Climate, the food, the culture and the breathtaking view?

Yes. That is me.

Taken while eating dinner.

THIS. is why...
My Other Family
I love every. single. one. (and this isn't even all of them)

Is that enough of a reason?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relocating Narchville

We have decided that we are moving.

I know!

It has been an ongoing thought. That someday we would move somewhere.

We just needed to take a leap of faith and do it. Set a date.

So it's settled. We are moving in July.

I want Joelle to start school this September. So the decision to move has perfect timing.

Hard decision? No. But it still fills me with anxiety.

Everything pushes me in this direction. It feels right. Any decision that is worth making is difficult.

So here is to switching it up. Taking a leap of faith. Transforming outward strength into inner power!


Moving to Lebanon!