Saturday, March 24, 2012

Milk and Eggs in Everything

MILK and Eggs are in EVERYTHING!

It's really quite annoying.

I need to just start making my own stuff and freezing it in the deep freeze.

How annoying!

I will say. That almond milk and coconut milk are AMAZING!

Joelle never drank so much 'milk'.

AND it has more calcium that your body actually uses than milk. AWESOME! check it out!

We were never really milk drinkers anyways. She has been switched to almond milk for basically her whole life. (I nursed till she was two so.. No almond milk i'snt a formula) She may have had some regular milk sometimes but she really doesn't like it. AT ALL.

She still eats cheese every once in a while as well as my husband. But I think I have been doing pretty well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Juice Fast Effective?

I have managed to maintain the weight loss of 25 lbs.

My appetite is VERY different.

My body is VERY sensitive.

Sure a snickers sounds good. But feeling like crap for an hour after eating one.... No thanks!

We went out to eat and the non vegan items were available. But I was having such a good time I didn't want to ruin it by making myself feel like crap.

I did cheat one night. I had a slice of pizza.

I was craving it so bad. But it wasn't everything I had dreamed of. And it made the next few days difficult.

I think I'll stay away from pizza from now on.

So overall things are going well.

I just have to keep running and doing yoga and some strength training to get some more weight off ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mexican Pizza Anyone?

Well. I promised a recipe. This is so easy.

Vegan pizza dough
Olive Oil
Can of black beans
One small onion half diced / half sliced
Smashed clove of garlic
One pepper (I used a yellow one)
Your favorite enchilada sauce
Your favorite salsa
One avocado smashed  or (insert your favorite guacamole here)
Handful of spinach

Saute the garlic and onions until they are soft in a healthy dose of oil. Add black beans and smash with a potato smasher. This is the first layer on the crust of your pizza.

Add spinach as the next layer.

Drizzle enchilada sauce.

Saute onions and peppers. Get a little crisp on them and put that as your next layer on the za.

Bake the za. Get the crust perfect.

When it is done. Slather the heavenly guac on.

In a separate bowl mix salad greens. pinch of salt. pepper. olive oil and lemon juice and make a salada.

Throw that on as your last layer and enjoy with Salsa!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are Avocados a Fruit or a Veggie?

Saur Kraut. Pickles. Olives. Pickled Eggplants. Kombucha.

THAT. is what I have been eating.

Oh. and Avocados and Carrots.

Avocados.... Can I just mention.... Are the most perfect thing ever.

And to boot they are having an identity crisis! I think technically they they are a fruit because they are pitted!

Avocados are a super food and I love Love LOVE them!

I need to start my exercise and running program. I have just been basking in the late mornings my daughter has been having. It's SOOOO nice!

Did I mention that I am feeling GREAT!

I will have more in the way of a wholesome vegan recipe tomorrow..... I am trying it out tonight. Stay Tuned! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to my Yugoslavian Roots

This may disgust some of you. BUT

I can eat sauerkraut straight out of the can. (Franks is all I will eat and I am THE official word on this stuff people. Trust me)

And I have been.

It's all I want to eat!

Turns out. sauerkraut is really good for you. Has tons of probiotics and helps balance your digestion.


Forks Up!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guacamole Never Tasted THIS Good!

Today has been an exciting day!

I can eat!!!!

But it's not a free for all.

I woke up with an apple and a kiwi.

I ate soup for lunch.

For dinner I had carrots and THE BEST guac I have ever had!

I am stuffed. I may have ate a little too much guac. But it was like eating something out of a fairy tale it was THAT good.

My stomach is a little upset. So the garlic mashed potatoes may have to wait until tomorrow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

As a Smile Creeps Ear to Ear

Today is the last day of my fast. I am going to eat on Sunday.


This is insane...

I may have miscounted on the way.. But today is the last full day without eating. It is day (7x3) - 1 =


Something in me wants to go longer. But I am attempting to remind myself that this does not have to be my one and only fast. And it shouldn't be.

I can give myself time to basque in eating healthfully. (as my apples stare me down seeming to call my name)

PLUS I cant wait to have enough energy to start my running regimen! Like REAL running. THIS is the true reasoning I want to stop. My little 1.5 miler the other day really had me pumped. I would also like to get more serious about yoga and my headstand that I have been wanting to accomplish.

I have been wearing my Ragnar shirt that didn't fit at Ragnar. Rather that I was too embarrassed to wear and I LOVE it. I DID that race and, I DID this fast.

I rocked it!


Ok. So I made a delicious vegan soup (most of my soups are vegan) Potatoes, onion, celery, butternut squash, tomatoes, veggie broth and italian spices.

Wait! How do I know it's delicious?!?!?! OK I sneaked a sip of the broth :) it HAD to be tested. One sip. thats all. I PROMISE!

I have to run and grab the following for tomorrow:
salad greens
raw organic apple cider vinegar

I have tons of fruits and other veggies. But What I really want is a nice salad.

My husband and I also have a date at the Archery Arena tomorrow which is fitting since I finished Hunger Games not to long ago.

That's That!


Friday, March 9, 2012

So Why the Heavy Heart?

I have been on such a high that having a low day (or two) seemed inevitable. I thought a good long bath and a book would help. With a lot of help from my husband that was made possible. Then an unexpected early bedtime; I thought when I woke up I would be golden.

I went to the ENT Doc hopeful that there would be some easy answer to why I cant sing anymore to my sweet baby girl and why my throat feels like someone has a tight grasp on it.

What I already knew. But was hoping he would just explain away. is true. I have GERD.

Basically acid from my stomach has burned the $h!t out of my vocal chords and esophagus and that is the reasoning for my throat pain and voice changes.

This makes me depressed.

Take 40 mg of this twice a day. Dont eat three hours before bed time. Sleep elevated. No caffeine or alcohol. No fried or fatty foods. Loose weight. See me in six months...


Is GERD the end of the world?


Are these ridiculous changes that have to be made?


Are these changes that I am basically already set to make?


So why the heavy heart?


I do have one thing to celebrate! Day 18

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh my Lungy Lung Lungs!

My Lungs HURT!

I have read that this was a symptom of long term fasting. It isn't awful but it also isn't comfortable.

I am half way through the week and feeling really majestic!

I went on a run yesterday. Just a short 1.5 miles. I had the energy for it and I have been wanting to run so bad! So I did. I cant wait to start really training again.

It was also very heartwarming that the running capri's I wore just last August during Ragnar (that were pretty tight) fit like a glove. AND I LOOKED GOOD!

Most important of all... I FELT GOOD!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Day am I on Again?

I forgot. 16 right?!

I feel good today.

I have gotten so used to not eating. That eating on Monday fills me with anxiety. So much to the point that I might actually eat on Sunday just in case there are any complications in the digestive areas. This way I am at home and dont have places to be.

Something has me stuck on 21 days and I really want to make it that time frame. I dont like making a goal and then breaking it. But I think there MAY be some good reason behind my anxiety over monday and the lesser anxiety I feel about breaking a day earlier.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Today was day 15. I felt really good all day. I barely drank any juice. Not on purpose. But I just didn't need much.

I woke up feeling refreshed and didn't need to nap with Joelle.

I am starting to REALLY crave food. Food that I wouldn't have ever eaten . But if it is edible I can just imagine myself biting into it. Juicy Hambergers. Fish Sticks. Hot Dogs. Everything that I think is disgusting normally -  I want to eat it.

I am been looking at Martha Stewart's Living Magazine and wanting to eat the pages.

Not hungry.

Just ravenously wanting to eat!

Yet. I will wait!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have made it two weeks! I am on a high. I am very proud of myself and looking forward to the next week as there are only 7 days left of my fast.

I want to get the most detoxing out of this fast not only of my physical body but of my mind as well.

Its a phenomenon to me how easy it has been to not eat.  What's more is that the food that I crave is so simple. Not a caramello... or even a Cadbury egg.. Rather.. Mashed Potatoes. Saur Kraut?!?!  Hummus, Tabouleh, Soup..oh soup..... all very simple foods. And we know that these simple foods are what will to nourish my body and keep my weight loss going even further.

So here is to day 14! And to Tea with a friend and an 8 hour shift!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Element of Hard


I have made THE decision. 

The decision that I have been battling with since I started the fast of...

How long I should I go.

I am glad that I didn't make this decision because it has added an element of HARD.

I want to get rid of this element but now that I have decided on an end date I all of a sudden feel as though I am climbing a hill to a goal. Whereas before... I was just happily not eating and juicing. 

I think I will keep this in mind next time I fast.

Those feelings aside. 

I like the number 7 and derivatives of it. So I will go to 21. That is three weeks. I feel good about that number. 

It's almost a month. 

Not so bad for my first REAL go at juice fasting (real meaning over 3 days)
So that is that. Monday the 12th! Garlic Mashed Potatoes here I come! 

I am going to make some soup to freeze!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Embracing my Inner Girl


Provided that Joelle's fever stays at low grade and doesn't spike and we are able to just lay low and relax all day.......

I am the FUN Mom. I am taking Joelle to see Disney Princesses on Ice. What little girl doesn't LOVE ice skating and princesses. Even I am excited!

So this day is about embracing my inner girl.

The little girl in me wants pink fluffy cupcakes, lollipops and chocolate hearts wrapped in pink foil. I wont go that far. But I am acknowledging that food was directly related to this manifestation of girl.

So I am going to work at changing that.

Making it about being with Mom. Being Girly. Gushing over ice skating and princesses. Playing dress up. And being generally fabulous!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Netti Pot Ninja Kick!

Today is the 11th day of my fast! Its two thirty and I just realized that I havent had any juice today. (lots of water tho) I felt mildly hungry so I made some juice. Now I am good.

You know that feeling that you get in your face? You know. The one that starts creeping in after cuddling feverish little boys and snot nose little girls.

I CAN NOT get sick. CAN NOT!

I am busting out the netti pot.  NINJA STYLE.

Not letting this little virus get me. No. Not! ME!